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Can you please help me:

I have a database and I need to "concatenate records" based on fields in a table.

Table: Order Field: Order-Number Field: Previous-Order-Number Field: Create-Date

I need to be able to find the first "order based". Then be able to find all the other orders that are related and put them into a variable delimited by ",".

For example:

Record 1:

  • Order-Number is: 123456
  • Previous-Order-Number is: 999999

Record 2:

  • Order-Number is 999999
  • Previous-Order-Number is 111111

Record 3:

  • Order-Number is: 111111
  • Previous-Order-Number is: 777777

and so on and so on.

I want to put it in a variable, so it will have display/output like this: (Order-Number + "|" + Create-date, N) i.e. "123456|01/01/22, 999999|03/03/22, 111111|04/04/22"

Please let me know if you need more information

Thank you

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