Question Slow response on few webspeed brokers

OE Version: 11.4
OS: Linux CentOS-7
Hi All,
We have about 20 brokers running on a front end server out of which on 8 to 10 brokers the overall response is slow. We have individual brokers for each developers to work with their own code. I don't think it is a code issue because I tired pointing to the code of the broker where the response was fast to the one that is slow and bounced the broker which still had the slow response issue. I double checked and there were couple of discrepancies on those brokers but I tried playing around with them and bounced the broker to see if the response time improves but no luck yet.

Below are couple of discrepancies;
srvrLoggingLevel=4 -> was set on few
binaryUploadMaxSize=500000 -> was set on few

I am continuing to narrow down the issue but thought of posting the issue here, so that i can get some help.

What else should I be looking for?

Saravanakumar B


Active Member
Its been awhile since i have looked at webspeed issues. All of our slowness was due to cgip and caching which PAS resolved. Hows the machine look resource wise?

Any thoughts about switching to PAS? You can have one broker(PAS agent) with multiple handlers to alter the propaths for developer environments. Its actually really handy! (Dont tell anyone from PSC i said that)
We have started to work on the PASOE migration stuff but its not in PROD yet.

Looks good now, the CGI work dir was on an NFS mount which was causing this issue. Thank you!