Search not working ?

Cringer Moderator
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I've asked Chris to do that on a number of occasions but he hasn't. Unfortunately I can't change the layout.

Chris Kelleher

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The search has been fix, just an issue with Elasticsearch process. Will also add the Google custom search as well.

tamhas Sponsor
Cringer, apparently you just didn't know how to make the suggestion properly! :)

Rob Fitzpatrick Sponsor
I tried the forum search box, the Google search box, and searching Google from my browser with the qualifier site: In each case the search text was "_tablestat-read".

The site search gives me two hits from the same thread, dated Nov 5 1999.
Google gives me five hits, including one from the 1999 thread.
The custom Google site search seems to give the same five hits.

Then I tried the PT custom Google search with the search term blockdelete. It came up with 4,080 hits. Most of the hits on the first page were from None were from the domain

I tried a google search on this site for "checkpoint duration". I got 4 hits. The custom site search gave me 7 hits; those four plus hits from and The site search box (the old one) gave me no hits.

So I think further tweaking and testing is required before either of these search methods is declared to be working.


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Hmmm... the search box gave me 28 results for _tablestat-read

Google with the site filter gave me 30 results.

Rob Fitzpatrick Sponsor
The search box at the top of the page (not the Google one) only seems to give results that are very old or very new. It gives only five results for that search term, two of which are in this thread. The others are from 2003 and earlier.


Looks like the search is down again. I get the below error when trying to use the search function.

The following error occurred:
The search could not be completed. Please try again later.

Chris Kelleher

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Apple completely changed OS X Server with the 5.x release, including the architecture of how Apache works. This has been fixed now.