Question Realese Buffer

Hello Guys,

Another question for today .
I maked a program with global BUFFER . On a certain button I want to release the buffer like if I tryed an
available myBuffer
i want to get a NO .
I for now use the RELEASE statement .

Thanks in advance.

Cringer Moderator
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The obvious question is why you want to do that. What are you trying to achieve?
I miss this part.
I did an app to transfert stock that work following this steps:
1. The user keyed a product reference -> I load the product BUFFER
2. The user select a stock value to be transfered -> I load the line in a BUFFER
3. The user select an area an place -> I load the line in buffers
4. The user keyed a quantity
5. The user valid the transfert
6. Afte the transfert is done I reset the screen and so would like to reset the buffer to be sure that the user has to keyed every info correctly.

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