Pug Challenge 2017 Is Live!


PUG Challenge is back for 2017! The website has been refreshed, super early bird registration is available and the call for speakers is live!

For more information proceed in an orderly manner to PUG Challenge Americas

We hope to see you all in June!


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So it's that time of the year again when I need to work on my wife's fear of me flying to the USA. One day I'll persuade her!

Rob Fitzpatrick

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You could take a cruise ship instead, make it a vacation/work trip. :) Then you just have to drive from New York to Manchester.

Rob Fitzpatrick

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BTW if you're a fan of craft beer, Manchester is awesome! There are at least three great brew pubs within walking (or stumbling...) distance of the venue hotel (not including the pub in the hotel). One of them has 100 taps! :D

And, you know, the conference will be good too... ;)

Rob Fitzpatrick

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I'm more of a gin drinker, as spirits go. And when I'm in a brew pub, I drink beer. :)

But I expect there will be a few whiskeys on offer as well.


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Was a nice little pub almost opposite EMEA that had some good bottled craft beers. Think i tried 4 or 5 before settling on something. Cant remember what it was for the life of me though!