Question PROUTIL AUDITARCHIVE Archive File Overwrite


The OpenEdge documentation says the following:

If an archive file exists in the specified output directory, AUDITARCHIVE will not overwrite it. AUDITARCHIVE issues a warning message and provides you with the choice of overwriting the existing file or exiting.
However, it seems like PROUTIL AUDITARCHIVE doesn't give you the choice to overwrite the existing audit archive (abd).

In my cronjob script, I ran the following:

yes | proutil /users/mf/live/db/mffg1 -C auditarchive -directory /users/mf/live/db/audit_archive/
The piped in "yes" should have allowed auditarchive overwrite the abd file. Instead, I received this message in the log:

OpenEdge Release 11.7.5 as of Fri Jun  7 08:29:03 EDT 2019

Archive all the records prior to 2019/11/03@02:50:01.885-0600 . (13532)
File /users/mf/live/db/audit_archive/mffg1.abd already exists, data will be dumped to /users/mf/live/db/audit_archive/mffg1.abd1. (18019)
Archived 2 _Db-detail records. (13575)
Archived 0 _Client-session records. (13576)
I didn't have this problem in OpenEdge 10.2b, but it's happening in 11.7. Any ideas on what's going on?

Rob Fitzpatrick Sponsor
Any ideas on what's going on?
Regression? Doc bug? I'd open a case with TS to find out.

Personally, I'd never want to overwrite a .abd file. What if it hadn't yet been applied to the audit archive database? How do you know you won't damage the audit trail?