ProTop 3.1 has escaped!


This new release features an all new user interface (two of them actually), new "server agent" components and the usual bug fixes and improvements that any new release has.


1) You must be running OpenEdge 10.2 or better (the old release remains available for people who are still using ancient, obsolete and unsupported versions of Progress).

2) Terminal windows must be at least 132 columns by 48 lines -- 80 x 24 is no more.

3) You should install the new release in a new directory. The install script makes no attempt to upgrade an older release and it will probably break something if you install in the same place.

4) It's new. There are probably bugs.

Download ProTop 3.0 at

Feel free to corner me at PUG Challenge Americas, June 9-12, ask questions, complain about the documentation, lobby for new features or just shoot the breeze! If you haven't registered yet head on over to:

Rob Fitzpatrick Sponsor
Just started looking at it, and haven't started looking at the code yet, but so far I like what I see a lot. Great job Tom et al.

I love the dashboard's organization of metrics by functional area: buffering and I/O, AI and BI subsystems, transaction stats, APW stats, and client/server stats. Also the configuration viewer is a nice way to see important metrics and startup parameter values at a glance.

(I do sorely miss cumulative CRUD stats though. :'( Oh well; I still have my own code and ProTop xxi for that.)


New Member
I'm getting the following error trying to connect to a remote server through the web interface.

Error reading XML file '.../cgi-bin/protop.cgi?type=pt3web&DB=vision&UID=cf232fb5-e497-a5b7-e211-5dd381cfa39e&GUID=cf232fb5-e497-a5b7-e211-83d35cbbf06b&DC=Dashboard'. (13035)
READ-XML encountered an error while parsing the XML Document: FATAL ERROR: file


Hi Tom,

Thanks for a great tool!

I have a question: When running the self service client through (ssh Putty / vt220,vt100,xterm) I move can't move between or resort the different result tables. The default startup screen with just "Table activity" and "User IO" results will just allow me to scroll the whole "Table Activity" up or down with the arrow keys. I was thinking PgUp/Dn or Tab would allow me to switch between result tables and some other key-combo would allow me to jump between and sort fields within a table. What happens now is that the arrow up/down keys scrolls the next to last added table up or down. I.e. the focus moves to table n-1 but there's no way of changing focus to another. I'm not sure if this is by design or if I have Putty configured incorrectly.

RHEL 5.4 64 / 10.2B03



There is no such functionality currently available. It is on the wish list. Perhaps when I get back from my 6 month South Pacific vacation ;)


We'll need to get the Kickstarter campaign in high gear first - that's the *needed* 6 month South Pacific vacation - not the /planned/ one :(


Can multiple database can be monitored through one console or any drop down where to choose the another Databases !

Cringer Moderator
Staff member
It's designed to be used on one database at a time. Nothing stopping you having multiple shortcuts to different databases though...


ProTop 3.1 is in the wild ;)

Various bug fixes.
Area# added to Table & Index Activity.
Index Root Block added to Index Activity.
Space Allocation ("RM Chain") info added to Dashboard.
Modify Sort Column screen ("z" command).


Better make that 3.1b :(

That "pick your own sort column" feature might not have been the best idea I ever had...

I think it is fairly stable now :)