Question Propath?

We have a webspeed application which is using CGI wrapper. I am finding a way to enable debugging capability in a common environment. Let's say we have 25 developers, all 25 developers will login with the same unix id (common broker & propath) but will have different login profile. Is there a way where I can add that individual's home directory based on the login profile at the start of the propath?

I can't add this to the user_login.w as it will be lost when redirected to next page. I can't add this to the place which holds the session details because doing so will not let me debug any of the .w files. Do we have any other option?

I wanted to explore this option before enabling 4GL Trace. Please advise. Thanks!


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I guess the problem is when the session ends that the ProPath is reverted back to it's Original propath.

The possible alternative solution is (and this does suck) in that each developer uses their own testing WebSpeed broker/agents with the ProPath set into the configuration (not coded).


There are alternative to represent this URL even using custom ScriptAlisas in Apache.

We had a similar problem with AppServers. Each Developer got their own AppServer Broker/Agents.
Sorry for the late reply. This is how we have in our dev environment but we are not comfortable doing the same with test and preprod servers.


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We use "sandboxes". Each developer has their own sandbox directory so we don't interfere with each other or the production environment while working on code in our sandboxes. We have a "developer's" page where we can set (and remove) a "sandbox" cookie with our sandbox directory path as the value. We edited src/web/objects/web-util.p to look for this cookie and add the developer's sandbox path to the beginning of the propath and remove it when the web hit is complete. It has worked very well for many years. We also recently started using a new separate broker with a different propath just for developers using a separate .inet file that points to that new broker. We left the sandboxes in place so we don't interfere with each other in this new development broker environment and for production testing. We also added extensive logging to web-utils.p which has proved to be very useful. This is a vague description of what we are doing. If you would like more details please ask.