ProgressDB and SQL sync

Hi All,

Our main system is built on Open edge 11.6 and naturally we have Progress db. We are deploying Dynamics 365 and a new App but want this new digital platform built on SQL. I've managed to replicate the progressdb out using FullConvert64bit tool however i'm not sure how i can sync the new SQL db with our Progress one.

i.e. when the app creates new tables in SQL it needs to sync back to our progress db so our current system can pick it (We have various reports set up etc and the app will need to retrieve data from the progress db).

I've heard of pro2 however not sure if pro2 can sync back to progress.

Hope that makes sense.

Cringer Moderator
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Pro2 is definitely not going to work. The Pro part of the name means Progress, so it's Progress to <whatever>.
You can set up a Progress database with a SQL broker which you can then connect to using ODBC. I would investigate that as my first port of call for what you want.
Thanks for the quick reply.

I have an ODBC connection to my progressdb. i also have REST API's for the db. do i configure hooks on the SQL db to write to those tables using API's or odbc?

Any one done anything like this before, just want some confidence that it's possible.

Cringer Moderator
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I've not done it before, but I suspect others have. I suppose in a way it doesn't matter if you use ODBC or API. Either will work. But, you do need to have a mechanism that ensures everything is written that needs to be written. What happens if the Progress DB is down or unavailable? How do you ensure everything is in sync? Personally I would have some sort of staging table on the SQL side that records what needs to be written, then it can be flagged as written, or even deleted as necessary.