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Jessica Malakian

Every successful application in the dynamic world of software development has an unsung hero at its core: the developer.

The lifeline of the technology industry is its software developers. They turn abstract ideas into useful, approachable solutions that improve our daily lives. Progress OpenEdge, a powerful application development platform, empowers developers to create robust, scalable and cutting-edge applications that stand the test of time.

Developer Appreciation Day is celebrated on September 13. It’s a chance to recognize the crucial part that developers have played in influencing the technology world. It's a day to recognize their creativity, problem-solving skills and the countless hours they dedicate to turning lines of code into tangible solutions.

Acknowledging Dedication and Excellence​

Every successful application created on the OpenEdge platform is the result of the skill, enthusiasm and dedication of a developer. On Developer Appreciation Day, we have the opportunity to recognize and honor these hidden heroes for their outstanding efforts. Through social media spotlights, feature articles and virtual events, OpenEdge shines a spotlight on developers who have gone above and beyond to create exceptional software solutions.

The celebration extends beyond individual accomplishments. Small and large developer teams alike are recognized for their cooperative work in expanding the capabilities of the OpenEdge platform. Their capacity for cooperation exemplifies the spirit of Developer Appreciation Day, a day dedicated to collectively celebrating creativity and teamwork.

“ABL is easy to learn, with a basic syntax and a great IDE that brings productivity to the software engineering team,” says Lucas Santos Bicalho, a software developer for Equiplex, a pharmacy industry owned by the H.Egidio Group. Equiplex uses TOTVS ERP that is built in OpenEdge.

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Looking Ahead​

The importance of developers grows as the technological landscape continues to change. The future of software development will be shaped by their capacity to adopt new technology, investigate creative solutions and design user-centric apps.

Michael Vallière, a 28-year-old full-stack developer at Proginov, uses OpenEdge to build complex applications and says, “OpenEdge is easy to learn and very efficient to code."

Read Michael’s story.

OpenEdge remains committed to providing developers with the tools and resources to excel in this ever-changing environment.

Embracing the Impact​

Every year, Developer Appreciation Day serves as a reminder of the significance of developers and their influence on the digital world. Please take a moment to recognize and congratulate the committed individuals who use OpenEdge to realize our digital aspirations, whether you are a developer yourself, a tech enthusiast or simply an end user who benefits from the software they make.

Learn more about OpenEdge and become a developer today!

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