PHP PDO charset


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I want to extract data from my Progress database in PHP. I have a problem with the special characters, indeed the signs like € or $ are replaced by .
example : Price 2.99

I'm using PDO but I don't know where to manage my charset with Progress.

Here is my code
function Connection_Progress() {
try {
return new PDO('odbc:DRIVER={Progress OpenEdge 11.7 Driver};DSN=azprod;PORT=2513;HOSTNAME=;UID=***;PWD=***;db=***;charset=utf8');
catch(PDOException $e) {

$stmt = $pdo->query('SELECT DISTINCT * FROM PUB.fabr');

Can anyone help me ?


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I tried with the following code:
return new PDO('odbc= DRIVER={Progress OpenEdge 11.7 Driver};DSN=azprod;PORT=2513;HOSTNAME=***;UID=az;PWD=***;db=***;charset="iso 8859-15" ');

Still the same problem, could it come from my IIS server which does not translate the charset?
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