PDSOE refusing to open a file

Keith G.

It is a weird problem, but in the slim chance that someone else has seen this:

A fresh install of OE 12.5 64-bit on Windows 10 has a PDSOE that is refusing to open any file. I can choose "File/Open", or drop a file onto an open PDSOE, and all I get is another instance of PDSOE opening up and complaining because the workspace is already in use. My gut tells me either the Java or Eclipse installation or configuration is messed up somehow, but I have no idea how to debug such a thing. Reinstalling PDSOE via the OpenEdge installer did not fix the problem. It would be great if I could uninstall just that module, but it seems Progress never saw fit to give us that feature. (The closest one can get is to deactivate a component's license.)

Any ideas? I would rather not do a complete removal and reinstallation of OE, but I figure that is where I am headed eventually.

Keith G.

I have installed the same version that seems to work fine on another machine:
Eclipse Adoptium\jdk-

Rob Fitzpatrick

ProgressTalk.com Sponsor
I am assuming I am good on that front, then, if I understand the version numbering correctly.
Re-read the note above.

OpenEdge is supported only on the major JDK version specified in this section.

OE 12.2 and later are supported only with JDK major version 11, as Stefan already said. You are using major version 17.

Keith G.

So it's not a "equal to or greater than" thing? Interesting. While the same Java works with OE 12.5 on another PC, I guess this could be a factor.