OE 12 is available

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De-supported features, products, and platforms as of 12.0 (probably not a complete list):
  • OE Application Server
  • WebSpeed (presumably also WebSpeed Workshop; not confirmed yet)
  • Embedded SQL-89/C
  • Translation Manager
  • Progress Dynamics
  • Synchronous mode in OE Replication
  • MD5 hash and RC4 cipher
  • deployment on HP-UX
  • deployment on Windows Server 2008 R2
  • deployment on Solaris updated; see below
  • deployment on Windows 7?
  • Personal RDBMS in 32-bit products update: all RDBMS products in 32-bit OpenEdge
  • _Statbase VST
  • _Startup VST
Also of note:
Notice of New Oracle JDK Release Model and Impacts
Oracle New JDK Release Model Impacts on Progress OpenEdge Application Developers and Users - Documents - OpenEdge General - Progress Community

I'll update the list as I learn of errors or omissions.
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The list of de-supported features and lack of others will effectively prevent us from moving to OE12.

This is the first time in some 30 years working with Progress that I am not able to move on. Unless Progress moves - the lifespan of OE11 is the time we have to migrate away from Progress.

Frustrating to say the least.


I suppose we will move to OE12 eventually, but it will take a while.
We use stateless and statefree AppServers and Webspeed. I suppose it will be possible to move to PAS instead.
If Translation manager here means we can't use the xlatedb to make the compiler includes translated strings in the .r-code that would mean changes in most source files to implement a dynamic solution. We don't use the Translation Manager window shown in the documentation, though.

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I don't have positive confirmation about Solaris. But it appears in the platform lists in the v11 PAG and not in the v12 version so I assume it is no longer supported, although I can't remember ever hearing an announcement on this. It is frustrating to me that Progress is not being up front about the things they no longer support. It feels to me like they are trying to sneak things past us and make the new version all about good news. I would like Progress to produce a comprehensive list of deprecated and de-supported features, instead of having to compile it myself. That's what the PAG is supposed to provide.

Last year they were very cagey about future App Server support. I went to both major Progress conferences in North America last year and in neither roadmap session did they explicitly say they were discontinuing App Server. I had one-on-one conversations with PSC people who said they thought that would happen, but obviously that's not the same thing as announcing it.

Given how widespread WebSpeed and App Server are, I thought they were very aggressive about killing them, in the span of four point releases:
  • 11.5 (2014 Dec): PASOE introduced ("Pacific App Server" at the time)
    Basically they said this was their next-gen app server, where they would be making their future development investments. "But the 'Classic' App Server you know and love will still be supported for some time to come."
  • 11.6 (2015 Oct): You can now migrate WebSpeed apps to PASOE
  • 11.7 (2017 Mar): PASOE bug fixes, fit-and-finish improvements
  • 12.0 (2019 Mar): App Server gone
I understand PSC wants to save on development and support costs by trimming the product line, but I think these aggressive cuts will leave a lot of people stranded on 11.x, and cause others to migrate. Making less money from a client in the short term is a lot better than losing them permanently.


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Please note that "AppServer" and "Progress Application Server" are two different products although the names are similar, maybe too similar.

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Please note that "AppServer" and "Progress Application Server" are two different products although the names are similar, maybe too similar.
When I say "App Server" I mean the older product; what the price list calls "Progress OpenEdge Application Server Enterprise Edition/Basic Edition", i.e. _proapsv, not the Tomcat-based "Progress Application Server for OpenEdge", aka PASOE, aka _mproapsv.

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Spoke with PSC and got clarification on one point: Solaris support will return in release 12.1. No indication of why it is "missing" in 12.0.

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Do you mean that all 32 bit db products have been removed from oe12?

The only remaining 32-bit OpenEdge platform is OpenEdge for Windows, and it no longer includes any DB products: Personal, Workgroup, or Enterprise. It only includes "client-side" products, like Client Networking and compiler. Apparently PDSOE (which is 64-bit only) also includes a 32-bit AVM for testing, though I haven't yet confirmed that personally.

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I wonder, is "Embedded SQL-89/C" different from the SQL-89 interface that allows me to execute "select count(*) from _storageobject" in the procedure editor? Because the latter still works in 12.0.


It’s a vague and fuzzy recollection and I am probably wrong but I think that is a capability related to compiling access via SQL89 into C code. To extend my “probably wrong” I also have the impression that it is somehow related to how Cyberquery does things.

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I also have the impression that it is somehow related to how Cyberquery does things.
FWIW, I have that same impression. Though I was pleasantly surprised recently to hear from Mike that Cyberscience has certified Cyberquery on OE 12. So maybe they changed to ODBC? I'll try to find out.