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Hi ,
Another point for future (OE12), SSJ will not work for a request on several DB , it could have a huge impact on performance.

Tom and Rob are correct , managing multiple Db could be harder than a single DB.
I am responsible for over 10K hosted databases for my clients, all of them have several DB (more than 15 DB).
There is no "magic parameter" , each DB should have its set of parameter, you should set them individually, (if a memory consumption increase for a DB , you should decrease it on another DB). Tuning thoses parameter is "funny" game ...

It is feasable but it tooks times.

I join a picture of my activity of the previuos week, it is an uncomplete summary, some tasks are missing .
More Db means more time to do the tasks.

I agree that there are no magic solutions in software, it will be in another area, not here. It is clear to me from 30 years of experience. When I talk about dividing in DB, I mean an extio case that I had years ago, I made a distributed database and the administrator parameterized well from the beginning, permanently doing maintenance and this allowed us to allow users to work on criticism while we worked calmly in the rest, without disconnecting everyone, this is good. Anyway I will see what you indicate, I appreciate it.