Good afternoon,

The application that we use only permits one program running. To run another we have to close the program and open another.

Anyone have an example to open multiple dialogs at same time?

Like a tabstrip or similar?


OE 11.7.8


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You can't open multiple dialogs at the same time as they block by design. You would have to convert them to windows in order to be able to open multiple at the same time. This isn't too difficult to achieve, but it may impact the operation of your application.


I think you might want to step back and think about the terminology that you are using and the objectives that you are trying to achieve.

It is certainly possible to create Progress user interfaces with multiple tabs in a single window. It is also quite possible to have multiple windows open at the same time and sharing the same "prowin" session. (Although only one of them will have focus at any given moment.)

Using a "dialog" is not an appropriate way to implement either if, by "dialog", you specifically mean a "DIALOG BOX" Progress Documentation

One really old fashioned way to work with the MS tabstrip OCX is described here: Progress Customer Community

But given that you are on 11.7 you probably ought to use something more modern than that.


@TomBascom thanks for your opinion.

Have a lot of doubts how to achieve the multi-tab mode.

We are using dialogs boxs, and I have to convert a lot of dialog-boxs to windows.

Thanks for the link.


I'm not a Windows GUI developer and, thus, have no convenient and simple examples to share. But, frankly, I think that you would be better served getting some up to date training with modern development tools and techniques.