Migrating Classic WebSpeed project in a new PAS OE Web App project


Hi to all.
I use v10.2b and i wrote int he past little oe project with Webspeed.
This project contains 10 cgi wrappers that get parameters , read data using an Unix appserver and create xml responses.

We installed in a test server v11.7 and new application server PAS OE ...
I created a new Web App project and i am trying to study how to rewrite and migrate 'old' project in new one.

For example.
V11b Web App project has a main web handler class.
Do i need to create 10 web handlers (one for each old cgi wrapper) or 1 web handler that handles all business logic of old 10 cgi wrappers ...(example with a complex case that understand http request ...)
I'd like to start good to write new PAS OE web app programs.
I'd like and i think it is the reccomended scenario to use web hanlders.

I read about PAS OE and some artcicles about web handler ,,
Unfortunately My doubts still remain...

I am very confused ...
Can anyone send me any 'real' examples about this issue ???

Examples source and url to invoke.

PS. I can send me to my old project..

Regards thanks in advance.


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You can migrate "classic" webspeed to PASOE using the (shipped) CompatibilityHander. In the development server it's the default handler - so in a dev environment you can test easily.

If you want to write new code then you need to add your own WebHandlers. You can use them to process/handler a (small?) part of your application and have the rest still flow through the classic webspeed code.


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Make sure you're using compatibility handler.

If you try and use the standard web-handler you will spend a decent amount of time trying to figure out why web-context wont work and rewriting functions like "get-field".