linux PAS server doesn't authenticate user against active directory. Whereas Windows PAS server with the same settings does


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On both systems openedge 11.7 is used. If we look at the PAS version for windows we have, and for linux we have The client app is also using 11.7. Both servers are in the same LAN network.


*Client connection code:
cConnect = "-URL http://ip:port/apsv -sessionModel Session-Managed -clientConnectTimeout 5000".
hServer:CONNECT(cConnect, "username", "password").

So, when connecting to windows PAS I get successful authentication against AD:
ActiveDirectoryLdapAuthenticationProvider - Processing authentication request for user: username

But, when connecting to linux PAS ActiveDirectoryLdapAuthenticationProvider is not even called. The log shows that the user is viewed as anonymous:
AnonymousAuthenticationFilter - Populated SecurityContextHolder with anonymous token...
FilterSecurityInterceptor - Public object - authentication not attempted

A strange part about linux PAS is that when the server is initially started with the same credentials as from client it connects successfully to AD with ActiveDirectoryLdapAuthenticationProvider being used.

So, somehow the security system of linux PAS doesn't see my user credentials and therefore doesn't verify them against AD.

Am I missing some sort of settings, or is this a bug/limitation of linux PAS server?

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