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Hi all out there,

I have read many posts (inside and outside this forum) that deals with the error 7303 when trying to setup a linked Server object in SQL Server to reach a Progress database though the use of an ODBC driver.

My situation:
SQL Server 2016 on a 64-bit OS server (virtual)
A development system with Progress OpenEdge 11.6 (SP4), SSMS 18.8 and a configured and working system DSN.


The system DSN says "Connection established" after i do the Test Connect and supply the correct password.
The ODBCADMIN user is in the Progress database as a SQL user with DBA_ACC rights.

Than I set up the Linked Server object as described in many posts:


And than there's the error:


I have tracing at the ODBC driver and nothing is logged so it never reaches the system DSN.
Everything is 64-bit.

What am i missing guys ?

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As dumb questions do not exist, let me solve my own problem :)

The caveat is that you have to realize that you'll need a Client-Networking installation on the machine that is acting as your SQL server. As you are configuring a Linked Server object from SSMS, this can be any (remote) machine. The Linked Server object - however- expects this ODBC driver (PGOE27.dll) to be present on the SQL server itself. The ODBC driver comes with the Client Networking package of Progress OpenEdge.

Hopefully this will solve others people problem too.

Happy hunting!