Question Learing ADM all over again.


19+ years progress programming and still learning.
So, I doing some development using V8 ADM but in version OE 11.x. I understand the ADM2 concept, but V8 ADM seams fuzzy. There seems to be no SDO or SmartDataContainers objects in the ADM(V8), is this correct?
By ADM(V8), do you mean ADM1 as opposed to ADM2?
The application I'm working with is ADM1-only (even in current Progress versions), and I haven't heard about SDO. Judging from the ProKB SDO is an ADM2 thing.

When you post what you are trying to achieve I could try to tell what I would do.
If you are actually working with Progress 8.x things may be different, but it should have the basic ADM1 constructs.


19+ years progress programming and still learning.
8), do you mean ADM1 as oppos
YES. I guess when ADM became ADM1 was when ADM2 was release hence the reason why it's Called ADM(V8).

What am I trying to achieve is documentation on Progress V8 ADM, "eek". Having used ADM2 via an app server using the WebClient I'm trying to get my head around the ADM1 as they are different beasts. I'm used to Temp-tables being passed back and forth.
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19+ years progress programming and still learning.
Here is an example of what I want to achieve.

I have a smart container, smart data viewer, and smart browse. From the Smart container, how do I get the current Row Position and RowID of the Smart Browse using the ADM1 references?
In many cases the smart container doesn't need to know which record is selected, but of course sometimes you need this.
The smart container should have handles which point to the running program instances inside it. You can access the smart viewer or smart browse through these handles. (Probably the easiest way for this example.)
If the smart container needs to be informed when the row changes you just need to send some kind of event to the container (container-source link from viewer or browse).
I am currently working on application that has large parts still written in ADM-1 as well. Have you ( @Cecil ) found some documentation?

At the PUG in Dublin I talked to Shelley Chase about this. She promised me to look for existing electronic documentation on ADM-1 but I have not heared anything since.