Question Is There Any Way To Generate A Exe From Openedge?

Osmar Morais

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I would like to know if there any way to generate a *.EXE file for a Openedge program? We have the compiler that generates a *.r file, but we don´t have a kind of link-edition for this.

Cringer Moderator
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No you can't create a .exe as the machine running the code needs to have Progress installed as well as the .r.


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Like Cringer said the OE compiler only generates interpreted run time code (.r) and not a true executable. You will need to have the appropriate OE runtime licenses in place to run the code on different machines.

The benefit is that code written and compiled on Windows can run on different Windows versions (including 32 vs 64 bit) as well on different variations of Unix/Linux. Not to mention that this is part of the OE business model.


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you can create a batch file or shell script

that will run the progress client that will in turn run the progress .r

and that batch file or shell script can be run from the command line, if that was your question.


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OpenEdge .r files are much like Java class files: They are platform-independent byte codes that gets executed on a virtual machine.

For Java this would be the java.exe, for OpenEdge it would be the
  • prowin32.exe ( GUI Windows 32Bit ),
  • prowin.exe ( GUI Windows 64Bit ),
  • _progres.exe ( CHUI Windows, batch )
  • or _progres ( *nix ).
Therefore you don't build an executable - you invoke the virtual machine with the corresponding paramter -p ( lower case - parameters are Unix-style ) and the path to the .r file.

Usually you would do this in shell script or on Windows with a shortcut.

Heavy Regards, RealHeavyDude.


Even Progress does it that way. Just look at the Downloadable Progress Knowledge Base (ProKB).
That start menu entry runs a batch file which essentially calls
_prokb.exe -ininame ProKB.ini -pf .\ -p _ProKB.r
(I assume _prokb.exe is a renamed prowin32.exe.)