Answered How to expand include files content in a procedure file


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Do we have an in-built mechanism to expand the include files content in a procedure file?

Let's say I have a procedure with 10 lines of code. I include a .i file with 5 lines of code at line 6 and that .i includes another .i with 10 lines of code. How can we generate a .p file with all the .i's content added with an end .p having 25 lines of code?
On the Compile statement:
DEBUG-LIST {debugfile| VALUE ( expression ) }Writes the debug listing to the file debugfile or VALUE(expression). If expression evaluates to the Unknown value (?), then ABL ignores the DEBUG-LIST option. The debugfile consists of a line-numbered listing of the procedure with the text of all preprocessor include files, names, and parameters inserted. In Windows, the filename cannot contain characters outside of the non-Unicode code page.

If you are using the Roundtable plugin to Eclipse, you just choose the compile with xref and listing option on the object in your task then open the debug file (both menu items are on the right-click menu on the code object).