Question How can Backflush not generate the FG (i.e. No RCT-WO) after consuming the parts (i.e. successful ISS-WO)


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Dear experts,

(our QAD version is SE 2009)
In our Production Environment the Backflush is regularly run and normally have no issues as such.

(1) But last week we faced a problem. The Backflush process was executed, the consumption (ISS-WO) was done for all the respective component parts. But don't know
how the FG failed to generate (RCT-WO did not happen).

On checking found WIP, Inventory Account were hit as normal.

Also to my surprise the same FG part was backflushed just the other(previous) day successfully.

How can this happen.

(2) Secondly, if want to revert this transaction (we don't have stock in FG Location & also as Overissues are not allowed), for generating the inventory stock for
components in respective location, how can we do. Will cycle count help ~ but then what about the Accounting effects.

Your expert suggestions/tips (for both my queries above) would be highly appreciated.


Works as designed.
If you select "Modify Backflush" you can modify the "Recepit Data Input" qty, and write Zero; this way only ISS-WO will happen and not the RCT-WO; btw, you can do the opposite too, RCT-WO happen and the ISS-WO no.
For revert you can do it on the same way.


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Thanks Marco, for writing.

But it's not so. Some customization has been done not to allow "<= 0" qty Backflush. Plus all the components have been consumed (i.e. iss-wo has happened) ~ so want those components back in the inventory (as it was a failed transaction as far as generation of FG (rct-wo) did not happen, even after consumption of components (iss-wo)).

So we want back the component inventory (point 2 in my query) without generation of -ve FG (i.e. -ve RCT-WO) as there's no FG for transaction to reverse in FG-Inventory.

1st query is the question how can this happen ~ and how to identify this / stop this for future.


For #2 use the vanilla program that allow zero for rct-wo
For #1, as your program is custom, you can add validation for rct-wo and iss-wo was created, if not you can undo the transaction. How can you validate rct-wo and iss-wo?: ON WRITE OF tr_hist and validate both tr_type iss- and rct- was created.