Answered GUI tools on OE10

Hi guys,

I was thinking about the OE10 tool for designing GUI:

Do you know if it's specific to the OE version or if we can have more recent tool for GUI ?

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Sorry - what exactly is your question about?

Is it about options to build a more modern UI using Progress Openedge?
Is it about the Development tool ( AppBuilder ) vs. Progress Developer Studio ( which is an Eclipse plug-in )?

Anyway OE10 is completely out-dated and not supported anymore. If you are stuck on OE10 you will only have very limited options regarding both compared to more recent version of OE like OE11.7 and OE12.


There have not been any enhancements to oe10 GUI designer tools for roughly 10 years. And there never will be.

OpenEdge 12.1 is the current release and 12.2 is coming very soon. Those releases are where you will find up tp date GUI development tools.


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Just for the record - or playing the devils advocate - in the latest OE11 (11.7.5) you will also find the Progress Developer Studio which is basically an Eclipse plug-in.