Error 9324 when testing webservice progress 4gl

Patrice Perrot

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You can add this line at the begining of your source code
And press help to know where this issue is fired.
The line number come from compile [PGM] debug-list [debug-list file].



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thank you patrice for your feedback, following using your code, it indicates that the problem on this line : MESSAGE STRING(gvOMessage) ,

a priori there is a problem with the string function of the variable gvOMessage which is of type LONGCHAR


The STRING() function returns a character value, not a LONGCHAR. If a LONGCHAR is too long to be a character value then you will get that error:

define variable i as integer no-undo.

define variable ell as longchar no-undo.

do i = 1 to 1000000:

ell = ell + "X".

display length( string( ell )).


You can avoid it by testing the length of the LONGCHAR before trying to convert it with STRING() it or by using SUBSTRING() to take the first X bytes. A MESSAGE with more than a few hundred bytes is probably useless anyway so I often code something like:

MESSAGE substring( 1, 1024, ell ).

(if the string is shorter than 1024 it works fine...)