Question Difference between HTTP and HTTPS-Request ?

Hi everybody

OE117.2, Win 8.1

I had a perfectly working code, as long as I could access a 3rd-party-website by "HTTP". Now they changed the websites address to HTTPS and I'm lost.

When I enter the following string directly in the address-line of my browser:!&anr=123456

i get the expected answer "{status":"offen"}, which should be a JSON-Response

When I try the same with the following small program:

USING OpenEdge.Net.HTTP.RequestBuilder.
USING OpenEdge.Net.HTTP.ClientBuilder.
USING OpenEdge.Net.HTTP.IHttpRequest.
USING OpenEdge.Net.HTTP.IHttpResponse.

DEFINE VARIABLE oRequest AS OpenEdge.Net.HTTP.IHttpRequest NO-UNDO.
DEFINE VARIABLE oResponse AS OpenEdge.Net.HTTP.IHttpResponse NO-UNDO.

oRequest = RequestBuilder:Get("!&anr=123456"):AcceptJson():Request.
oResponse = ClientBuilder:Build():Client:Execute(oRequest).

MESSAGE oResponse:ContentType

...I get an HTML-file, which has nothing in common with the JSON-Response i get online.

What I found out - and what I don't understand: Whatever HTTPS-String I use in the request, it changes nothing in the response.
I tried alle the following strings (just to get any different response):

It seems that everything after the address-string itself is ignored.

Why? Can somebody pls point out what I'm doing wrong ?

In case somebody would like to try this code, I attatched the CER-File (without this one gets error 9318 - see my previous post "Avoiding SSL-verification). Its the SSL-Verification for "DST Root CA X3"



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So far I've never used the built-in OpenEdge.Net.HTTP client since it doesn't support the SSL client certificate which is required in the environment I work in. I did use the Microsoft .Net HTTP client on Windows and wget or curl on Solaris to do the job. I have several different scenarios where I do use the Microsoft .Net integration to do things which I can't do in the ABL. Of course this is Windows only but this stuff I only need on Windows.

Therefore I can't tell much about the OpenEdge.Net.HTTP client - I hope others can.
Right now I'm trying to access the website using sockets (found some nice examples in the Progress KB) and not using the OE-Net-library at all.

Using sockets the call to the website works, i get the expected Json-response, so for me it seems as if this could be a bug in the OE-Net-library.


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You probably have the wrong content headers. I had issues with Postman/Chrome adding default headers that the HTTP library doesn't.

Think it was Content-Length causing me issues. (Programmatically it would just return HTML instead, where the browser would return the correct JSON)


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try adding :ContentType('application/json')
adding ContentType did not help.

I now tried this request in Postman and get the same result: a html-document instead of a json-response. So i will contact the website-administrator.
Will post an answer as soon as i have a solution

Thanks to everybody
my last statement about postman was not correct ! Postman does return the correct json-response.

The reason why I first got an html-response even in Postman was that I had a typing-error in the request-string.

Looked also at the code that Postman sends - very simple, no secret headers or something else:

GET /api/task/xp_AppGetTask.xsp?u=connect/_immoware&p=28immoware05!&anr=123456 HTTP/1.1
Cache-Control: no-cache
Postman-Token: 7986c941-90ac-cdb3-59ac-de8610bc3bb2


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No I'm pretty sure postman assumes content-length based on your body and fills it in even though it's not displayed. If you use a proxy and bounce your request through you can see it. Interceptor might work to view what chrome is sending. Then compare to what http library is sending


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Addheader() should work. I would need to look up some examples and my proxy has gone nuts. Replying on phone.


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Addheader() should work. I would need to look up some examples and my proxy has gone nuts. Replying on phone.
And just set it to like 2068 or something. I doubt anything checks. Otherwise you need to Count the bytes in the body using like get raw I think.
With the help of progress-support we found the reason why HTML is returned instead of Json!

The problem is the "?" in the URL:

the Http-library seems to do some URL-encoding and changes it to "%03F", and thats why HTML is returned instead of Json. If I send the URL with the "?" via a socket, everything is fine.

Which explains the error, but doesn't solve the problem. But that's a question for the API-provider.

thanks to everybody who tried to help, Wolf

Additional info for those who are interested:

just got another response from progress-support: There was a bug in OE11.7, not completely related to url-encoding, but more about how the URL is parsed and fragmented. And that had a side effect causing the encoding of the '?' character.

This bug was fixed in 11.7.3 (issue PSC00363708).