Connect to outlook application from batch progress session fails

Len Kramer

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At our office we use a terminal server for the UI side and an application server where databases, appservers and progress batch sessions run.
Both servers run on Windows server 2008 and OpenEdge 11.2 (32-bit). Also installed is Office 2010 (32-bit).

The progress batchsessions are triggered by the Windows TaskScheduler.
One of these runs every 10 minutes to check for mail. Therefore it starts an outlook session in the background and performs the read and processing of the inbox of a specific account.

Now we intend to move to Windows server 2019, OpenEdge 11.7 (32 bit) and Office 2016 (32-bit).
To accomplish this we set up 2 new servers from scratch and copied progress DB's and sources and everything needed from the existing servers.

Problem now is that the batchsession fails with an error when it tries to setup a outlook connection:

CREATE "Outlook.Application" chOutlook NO-ERROR.
Error: Error while creating / connecting Automation Server for: Outlook.Application. Server execution failed Errornumber: 0x80080005 ConnectOutlook abaweb.p (5894)

I've searched the Progress Knowledge base but all I can find is that it wouldn't be possible to run outlook from a batchsession, or more specific, from within a non-UI configuration.
But within the non-UI server2008/Office2010 environment it works perfectly!

Anyone have a clue??

Len Kramer

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Thanks for your reply Rob.
Yes, I've seen that article before (as I did 159935, 163506, 141527 and more) and made sure that the Progress batchsession is started by administrator and that the administrator user is the 'owner' of Outlook with all permissions. I've also checked the Dcomcnfg permissions and added administrator with full rights to the MS Outlook object.
Also started a regular progress client session on that server and ran the sourceprogram from the editor, just to be sure that the coding is ok. That worked ok.
But when I run the sourcecode from within a progress batchsession it fails.


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Hi Len!

When you say batch, do you mean prowin -b or _progres -b ? Or something else?

Maybe comparing the failing and successful runs with process monitor can shed some light on where the issue is:

Len Kramer

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Hi Stefan! Nice to see you here, everything ok?
It's _progres -b
The entire application is CHUI. Main part is a lot of data-entry and therefore users preferred to remain in a CHUI environment.
I'll get into that Process Monitor thing. My guess is that it's a windows problem. Does that monitor also 'monitor' the windows side of a proces?

Rob Fitzpatrick Sponsor
It shows interactions with the OS, i.e. invocations of API functions, across a variety of classes: process and thread events, network events, registry events, and file system events. There's a bit of a learning curve but it's quite a powerful tool and there's a fair bit of information online about how to use it effectively.