Answered Can (SQL) UPDATE STATISTICS hamper performance of ABL AFTER the fact - NO!

It is really time to open a new thread -- this one hasn't got much to do with "update statistics" any more.
I agree - my original question has been answered. I wish there was a way to split the thread and create a new one from below the 1st 3rd of the original posts.
I'm not 100% clear on this, but I think you may not get accurate info on latch waits and naps without enabling latch timing in promon.

What do you see for OM in promon | R&D | debghb | 6 | 11?
Will have to get back on this - will probably need to run for at least a few hours with normal load
Increasing -omsize is probably more of a "best practice" than an "urgent need".
And, of course, I recommend ProTop for keeping an eye on such things ;)
Deng - I was thinking omsize was the magic bullet :). Will check protop also next week for sure