Boolean value

Zach Ahmed

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Hi All,
I define a Boolean value as:

define variable tog_all as logical initial yes label "All".
define variable tog_demo as logical initial no label "Demo".

define variable log_all as integer.
define variable log_demo as integer.

I want the value of tog_demo to be yes. Here is my code

if input tog_all then log_demo = 1.

However, this is not working as the value for Demo check is still show no. What am I doing wrong ?

Also how can I debug the Progress code on Linux ?



An integer (1) is not a boolean value. Valid values to assign to a logical variable are yes, no, true, false, and ?. So:

if input tog_all then log_demo = true.

tamhas Sponsor
You seem to be confusing variables. Nowhere in your code do you set the value of tog_demo except with the initial clause so of course it is still false.

And, why input since there is no UI statement in your code.


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Do you have list of steps I can perform in order to debug my progress script on Linux by using Window VNC.
I gave the concise list:
  1. use VNC to connect to Linux server
  2. start a terminal
  3. proenv
  4. pro
  5. start debugger instead of run from menu
Which step are you unable to perform?