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I was hoping that someone here could assist in a batch file issue. What I'm trying to do is create a windows batch file that will open a proenv prompt and then run a proserve command to start the database.

Background: Our server was accidentally nuked and had to be rebuilt. I was able to get progress 11.3 installed and the database restored. Problem is that once my server session is disconnected the database goes down as well. When we upgraded to 11.3 a few years ago our consultant created a couple of batch files for starting and stopping the database and created scheduled jobs/tasks that are ran by a local admin account on the server. Worked fine for several years but since this server incident I can't reach him to create these batch files.



You really don't want to be doing it that way. As you know when the userid that owns the process that runs proserve (or the scheduled task that launches proserve) logs out it will helpfully kill all other processes with that userid. Which will bring down the database.

Your consultant worked around that by writing batch files that interact with scheduled tasks owned by a userid that never logs in. That will sort of "work" but it is very messy and there are things that don't work consistently when using proserve under Windows (for instance -- the path name used to start the db has to exactly match everywhere that you use it).

Regular readers will know that I am not a fan of OE Exploder nor But if your server is a Windows server and you can not (or will not) upgrade it to Linux you would be better off defining your database in %DLC%\properties\ and using DBMAN to stop and start your database.

You can still script the DBMAN commands with BAT files -- the big advantage is that they run the db "as a service" and are not, therefore, subject to being killed when the user logs out.

FWIW -- personally, I would not use OE Exploder to edit The UI is execrable and often spontaneously sets incorrect values. I find it much safer to manually edit with notepad. (Keep backup copies of course.)
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Shame you couldn't upgrade Progress version as well as rebuilding everything - that should definitely go on the To Do list. 11.3 isn't too bad, but it's pretty old now. Lots of performance and reliability improvements in 11.7.4, the latest release.