Appserver Hangs

Hello All,

Users were facing error 3244 very frequently (3-4 times in two weeks) when opening .NET UI and were not even able to see menu structure after clicking this error message.

Below are the error messages that we found in Appserver Logs:

P-094746 T-2959914784 1 AS -- Failed to create temp-table database object for TEMP-TABLE table-name. (12296)

P-094746 T-2959914784 1 AS -- Unable to create schema information for temp-table table-name. (3244)
When we check available agents (by asbman query) then P-094746 is not there in the list. As a work-around of it we had to restart the Appserver but that is not a correct/permanent solution. I have gone through couple of articles regarding this and found that this problem occurs because of memory leakage and we should implement Appserver trimming for solving this permanently. We have implemented Appserver trimming and hoping that this issue won’t come again.

Kindly share your views on these error messages (3244/12296) and also suggest that how Appserver trimming works and could it be a permanent solution for this kind of problems.



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This might be relevant to you:

Progress KB - AppServer not working as expected

To me that looks that probably there is an issue with the authentication / connections of the AppSerer agents against the database or the database itself has an issue. Have a look into the log file of the database to see whether you find entries correlating with the entires in the AppServer log.

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Hello RealHeavyDude, thanks for your reply!!!

Database log entries are not relating with Appserver logs. Could to please give your supervision on how Appserver trimming works with these kind of issues because we didn't face this issue again since we have applied Appserver trimming.



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I don't think that trimming idle AppServer agents is the root cause to the issue. Usually there are procedures in use that fire when AppServer agents are started and are shut down. This procedure are under your control - either you don't use them or you have rolled your own to control application specific behavior during startup ( for example database connections and authentication ) and shut down ( disconnect and clean up ).

How do your AppServer agents connect to the databases they need and perform authentication?

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In general these sorts of issues are usually quite specific to the application code and its behavior. So you would probably get the best results asking your question in the forum dedicated to that application rather than "Database Admin" (which has almost nothing to do with app server issues).

FWIW -- the mention of ".NET UI" and "menu structure" suggests to me that this is an instance of MFG/Pro. It is definitely NOT a database admin issue.