Answered Approval at distance

Hi everyone,

First Happy New Year and wish you best .

I know that the title don't tell much. I will try to be as precise as possible .

This is my case:

We have an application that allow the user to make purchase request .
For this request we have an approval workflow.
Today the user that have to give his approval need to log on our server and on our erp to use the right app.

We would like to simplify it by using a mobile app or something like that. Where your are not on our network

Do you have any example or use cases ?

In the today world my idea is like the google request to connect on our google account with another terminal than the first one and it send a request to our referenced peripheral like our smartphone or tablet .

I'm currently using OE10.02B

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- BobyIsProgess -


You are probably really running 10.2B (I think you added an extra "0"...)

Regardless, any variety of OE10 is ancient, obsolete and unsupported. You should upgrade. OpenEdge 10 was designed in 2001/2002 and released in 2003. Point releases after that are still built on that infrastructure and limited by decisions made way back then. There is only so much that you can do to work around that.

Are you still running Windows XP on your desktops?

On to your request... you are describing a need to create web services for your application. These days you probably want to base that on REST services and JSON. From an OpenEdge technology perspective you want to be looking at OE12 and PASOE as the key components of your solution. That will open up a world of possibilities for the client piece (which is the "sexy" part that everyone gets excited about).

If you try to create it with OE10 you will have to reinvent the wheel over and over and over. You will likely make all of the same mistakes that 20 years of your predecessors have made. Your solution will take longer, cost more, be less effective, insecure, inflexible and fragile.