Question Adding HTTP Header Information


I need to add a content-type <meta> tag to a WebSpeed page the receives a JSON post from a vendor. When I add this under the <header> section I ended up with the following. What is the correct way to get this done on a WebSpeed page

<!-- E4GL Disabled: meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="application/json; charset=utf-8" / -->


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Are you returning back JSON data from WebSpeed as well as receiving it?

Is the browser showing an HTML webpage???? I don't think you need to put the meta tag in HTML page, in doing so is trying to override the content type of the HTML page, which is text/html. This is why WebSpeed is introducing the comment in your webstream. Hope that makes sense.

In your WebSpeed code:

output-http-header("Content-length", STRING(lcJSONdata) ).
{&OUT-LONG} lcJSONdata.