ABL DatePicker


19+ years progress programming and still learning.
Hi everyone,

In 2002/3 I wrote a nifty little date picker and it's been lost to the sands of time. As a pet project, I thought that I would create a new one inspired by some JQUERY date pickers.
This ABL version does use use a mix of .NET class objects and WIN32API function calls.
I'm trying to keep is simple with little or no option settings i.e. min or max date range option.

I've seen post where others have 32bit OCX which no longer work with 64bit Windows and this might come in handy???

The main features are:
  • Multi calendar view
  • Easy code integration
  • Automatic positioning to display aligned and under a fill-in widget
  • Monday being the first day of the week.
  • Auto sets the sensitively of the parent window making the calendar modal
  • Zero assent graphic / images (so far)
  • Works on Windows 10 64bit

This is what I have created so far and it's not complete, so the designs might change in the future as I tinker with it.


If you think this might be handy and you would like to use it, leave a comment and I'll create a GitHub Repo.