2020 PUG In A Box - Down Under!


2020 PUG In A Box - Down Under!
March 10-11 2020, Sydney

PUG Challenge Australia is an independent user conference for everyone who uses Progress products to develop or run business systems. Whether you are an absolute beginner, an experienced user, or a grizzled multi-decade veteran, you will learn new things at PUG Challenge!

You get a deeper dive on product internals than is available in the docs and the KB. You get to mingle with your peers and hear their stories and challenges and benefit from their experience. You get a view of the platform and product roadmap and maybe even the opportunity to influence its direction. You get both a mix of fundamental and advanced theory and a host of practical tips and tricks you can bring back to your shop and implement right away!

There will be a full program of highly technical breakout sessions and workshops where you can hone your skills and knowledge, learning from industry leading experts. There will also be plenty of time for social interaction allowing you to interact with peers and discuss hot topics with other attendees.

This unique combination of networking and technical input makes the conference a unique offering which cannot be matched by traditional classroom or online training courses. Delegates have plenty of opportunity to not only learn, but to discuss their very specific issues and knowledge gaps with the same experts who have been providing the sessions they attended.

Visit https://www.pugchallenge.com.au and get registered before all of the seats are gone!


19+ years progress programming and still learning.
Wish somebody would pay for my flights from New Zealand .;)