1. Pavan Yadav

    WebService Function Call

    Dear Team, I am working on a point, where I need to consume the vendor's Webservices and pass some values there. And after WSDL file analysing(bprowsdldoc), I got a Function defined as: PROCEDURE INPUT_RFC_CALL: DEFINE INPUT PARAMETER DATASET FOR RFC_CALLDataSet. DEFINE OUTPUT PARAMETER...
  2. Pavan Yadav

    Web Services Connectivity Issue with SAP-PO

    Dear Team, Can someone please advise for the connectivity issue with SAP-PO(Sort of middleware - integration system) system from Progress Based application. We are trying to consume there Webservices and publish some data there. But, SAP-PO system doesn't provide us WSDL file, but it do have...
  3. S

    Question Not able to connect web services

    Hi Team, I am facing issue with the connectivity of web service through Open edge 10.2B. Environment : Unix Progress Version : 10.2B Below is the code i am using: DEFINE VARIABLE hWeb AS HANDLE NO-UNDO. CREATE SERVER hWeb. hWeb:CONNECT("-WSDL '' -Port HTTP_Port...
  4. J

    Error This Xml File Does Not Appear ... By Wsa-adapter

    Hello, i deployed wsdl TestService in Progress 10.2B06 with Tomcat 8.5. on my local machine. It´s my first try. The wsdl is made by Progress Proxy Generator. When i use URL http://localhost:8080/wsa/wsa1/wsdl?targetURI=urn:ServiceTest it comes This XML file does not appear to have any style...