1. P

    Answered Parsing JSON with dynamic keys

    I need to parse and load a JSON object with dynamic keys. Is it possible to do so with OE. I am running OE 11.3 Extract from JSON looks at follows "aircraft": { "319": "AIRBUS A319", "333": "AIRBUS A330-300", "738": "BOEING 737-800", "739": "BOEING 737-900"...
  2. Hikmet_Alemdaroglu

    Question parse complex json file with progress code

    i need some hep, json model parse with abl code. i read kb Article 000040659 but, i can't know how to pars more komplex structures. i need a sample 4gl code ? Here is my json file.
  3. J

    Question How Make Json Out Of One Tt/ds Record At A Time.

    I have a program that takes a temp-table, reads it into a json object then uses that Json to call a rest service i need to tweak it so that it only sends on record at a time until all the records are sent. is there anyway to do this dynamically, or do i need to break the data and build the json...