1. V

    Question smtpmail.p; Can we save the email to *.eml

    Hi, We use smtpmail.p for emailing and would like to archive all the emails being sent out. There is the special debugging using MsgFile. But this only logs all the connections and data being written/read. Is there a way to generate/save the email as an eml/msg file. Thank you, Venky
  2. D

    Trying to resolve Input Data Too Large error

    I'm trying to troubleshoot Webspeed code that loads an item catalog from a .csv that has been placed on a server. If the .csv code is greater than about 850K and 5,000 records, the program stalls and I see the following message in the server log: P-064472 T-1751873344 1 WS -- (Procedure...
  3. C

    Error Error connecting soap with https

    Good evening, everyone. Sorry my English is not very good. I am having trouble connecting the WSDL via SOAP because it is HTTPS. I followed the following procedures: - Imported the digital certificate sent by the site vendor, in Internet Explorer, - I opened the certificate in Internet Explorer...
  4. Hikmet_Alemdaroglu

    Question parse complex json file with progress code

    i need some hep, json model parse with abl code. i read kb Article 000040659 but, i can't know how to pars more komplex structures. i need a sample 4gl code ? Here is my json file.
  5. V

    Resolved How To Print Screen/window

    Hi Seniors, I have to print screen/window to printer, I now use PrintWindow of free source 'dibapi.dll'. This shows up windows print dialog, to select printer and buttons print and cancel. Problem is 1) Selection of printer doesn't work, it always prints to default printer, and 2) 'Cancel'...
  6. V

    Answered Special Characters In Gui

    Hi Seniors, I have a question regarding special characters that can be used on GUI widgets. Session is started with character set ISO8859-1. This does not support the characters I want(Greek math symbols like alpha, beta, gamma and lamda). I can use windows character map to get the special...
  7. F

    Data Inconsistency In Appserver

    we have issue data inconsistency when using buffer-copy from phisics table to temp-table via AppServer. The record that retrieved from appserver sometimes missing value. Example: we have 1 table named "transsales" consist of 4 fields : transno confirmby confirmdate confirmtime. if we display...
  8. N

    Error While Resolving The Issue

    Hi all, I have an isuue, can anyone help me buddy. with the concern explaination Requirement: 1) To delete terminated orders codes from requested status of active order records,These are appearing while doing the active orders. 2) Also, Need to prevent the system from selecting the...
  9. V

    Resolved Printing Over Appserver (using Output To Printer)

    Hi Seniors, I have a situation. Progress version: 10.2b. OS: windows 2008 R2 Printer: XPS Writer/local Xerox Printer I am trying to print a PDF, by setting 'session: printer' and using 'output to printer'. Print happens, but it is all wrong. Whole document is printed in 2/3 lines. and I can...