1. R

    Openedge 11.7 returns different result for COUNT(DISTINCT <ColumnName>) when compared to Oracle/MSSQL

    Hi everyone, I am facing a problem that has left me a little stumped. Any help or insight will be very helpful. A table called Staples in TestV1 schema was loaded in Oracle, MSSQL and Openedge. There is a customer bug stating that a SQL query to extract a table's data in Openedge 11.1 is...
  2. N

    Need to insert field values to a database from a temp-table that I have created from xml file in progress 4gl. How to do that??

    **Below is my samplecode to read data from xml file and write to temp-table "tttemp" and display a child "mainsub" and its sub-child nodes.** DEFINE VARIABLE hDoc AS HANDLE NO-UNDO. DEFINE VARIABLE hroot AS HANDLE NO-UNDO. DEFINE VARIABLE hmainsub AS HANDLE...
  3. Hikmet_Alemdaroglu

    Proutil dbname -C idxbuild all is not work utf-8 problem (11.6.4)

    when i was run proutil command for idxbuild , i get an error . proenv>proutil master -C idxbuild all OpenEdge Release 11.6.4 as of Mon Oct 23 11:21:54 EDT 2017 Use "-cpinternal UTF-8" with idxbuild only with a UTF-8 database. (8557) Index rebuild did not complete successfully i wrote Article...
  4. P

    Answered Is It Possible To Get Record Lock Duration

    Does anyone know if it is possible to get the duration that a record have been locked for via a program? I know it is possible to get a transaction duration using virtual system table _trans. But this does not help me because share-locks don't generate a transaction. Our software supplier...
  5. A

    Question Implementing Transaction Management - Best Way ?

    Hi, I am looking for a method to implements transaction management (as in the DO TRANSACTION block keyword) in many programs. I need to do this because there some table lock wait issue on some programs. I have already found some technics to implements the locking, for example this kind of code...
  6. J

    !!! Sx.e Job Opportunity !!! Houston, Tx

    I have a client in Houston that has an immediate need for someone with experience supporting Infor SX Enterprise and Progress databases. Any coding/customization experience is a plus but at this point I want to talk to anyone interested in a fulltime job focused on SX.e with a great company...
  7. A

    Question [resolved]database Record Creation Logging With -clientlog

    Hi, I would like to know if there is a way to log automatically database record creation (the way as we already have for some -clientlog -logentrytypes startup parameters). I know it is possible with Temp-table (Progress KB - Is there a LOG-ENTRY-TYPE to log TEMP-TABLE statistics?) but for...
  8. G

    Question Slow Database In New Server

    Hi, recently we change our databases to a new server but the startup and the queries are extremely slow, even tho the hardware is better than before. We lack knowledge about databases, we manage our clients services and remote connection as well as other services but we do not know about...
  9. P

    Question Experience With Data Protector

    I 'm looking for people with experience of data protector Data Protector is a plugin to write Progress backup directly to TSM . All I can find is the supplier documentation
  10. F

    Data Inconsistency In Appserver

    we have issue data inconsistency when using buffer-copy from phisics table to temp-table via AppServer. The record that retrieved from appserver sometimes missing value. Example: we have 1 table named "transsales" consist of 4 fields : transno confirmby confirmdate confirmtime. if we display...