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Database schema diagram generator for 1.0

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This is very first version of database schema diagram generator to be used with a free diagram drawing platform.
I always missed tool to graphically display database schema, what could be very useful for documenting or on boarding new developer, so I made one by myself.
It's very first release so it probably have a lot of bugs and issues. Creating relations between tables isn't perfect. Html templates are hardcoded. Table arrangement does not work as I would like. Log file could be to big and contain too much information. I'll try to improve it in time.
If somehow You find it useful, find some issue or bug, or If you find the will to improve something, don't hesitate and please share your changes. I will be grateful for all comments.
So, download a DBgraph.w with orange button above on right and enjoy.
ps. to get nicely arranged diagram go to Arrange menu -> Layout -> Organic (best in my opinion) and set spacing to 1000.

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