Using COLOR-TABLE causes a crash on Windows 11 22H2


Hi all,

There's a known issue that causes Progress < 11.7.5 to crash on Windows 11 2H22:

I'm seeing pretty much the same problem in my 11.6.4 system on W11 2H22 - I get a different C stack trace in the protrace file but it's 100% caused by SYSTEM-DIALOG COLOR statements in 4GL code. All was good until about a month ago when Windows Update started installing a bunch of W11 2H22 packages.

I know the answer is 'upgrade' but until I can... has anyone found a way around the error? It affects my app not only at runtime, but also when I open ADM2 Windows in the AppBuilder - the whole session crashes if I do that, so I'm only able to work on these files in the ABL editor...



Hi Rob, thanks for the suggestion.

I was on the standard Windows 'light' theme by default and I have just tried 5-6 others with the same outcome (can't open certain smart windows in the Appbuilder, can't run r-coldlg.p, which is the sample procedure on the help page for the SYSTEM-DIALOG COLOR statement in OE Studio).

I also tried switching off transparency effects - same result. Within themes, I then took a look at personalization --> color mode, changing from the default 'light' to 'dark'. With the color mode set to dark I still can't load my Appbuilder file but I noticed an improvement in r-coldlg.p, which has all of a sudden become a little more resilient - typically requiring a few more interactions than before to make it crash. It does still crash though :)

Rob Fitzpatrick Sponsor
Have you tried changing the colour table in the session, via an ini file? I wonder if some colours are safe and others are not. It's a long shot, but it doesn't hurt to try. I think you'll be left grasping at straws like this until you can get onto a non-retired release.

Rob Fitzpatrick Sponsor
I tried to reproduce the crash in Windows 11 22H2 by installing 11.7.0 32-bit, but r-coldlg.p doesn't cause the crash in prowin32.exe in my testing. Although the foreground colour setting didn't seem to do anything; background does work.

Then I installed 11.7.0 64-bit, and using it (prowin.exe) to set background colour works occasionally, but also crashes regularly. It frequently crashes when trying to set the foreground colour.

All I can tell so far is that there is an access violation (exception code 0xc0000005) in prow.dll.

Just curious, if your code can run in 11.6, what keeps you from going to 11.7? A technical issue or a business one?