Update one browser from another

Dave Grandon

New Member
Hi, I have a gui interface that has 2 browsers with a smart data object for each one (there is a foreign field I can use) and what I would like to change the row on the left hand browser and have it update the browser on the right hand side but no matter what I try, it refuses to do what I need, probably something I missed, looking for guidance

Dave Grandon

New Member
I cannot easily do that, I will try and explain the issue again .
I have 2 sdo's for 2 smartbrowsers and I want a change in the first one to pass through to the second 1 to refresh the information in the other one with the new information


So problem #1 is detecting that a change has occurred… I would start by exploring a VALUE-CHANGED trigger for the first browser.

Once you can reliably detect the changes in question you will need to notify the second browse. For that I would PUBLISH an event that the second browse has SUBSCRIBEd to.

The SUBSCRIBE routine would then do whatever it takes to refresh browse #2 to meet your needs.

You can code, and test, all 3 of these bits independently.