Question The Vacuum Of 10.2 Is Over. Bring On 11.5!

First of all for those that read my post in chit chat about moving to a modern OS without upgrading 10.2, well "progress" has been made and I've at least convenience management that a special project to modernize a portion of the app deserves a modern development environment. Introducing 11.5 (yea!).

Part of the project requires building web services with OE11.5 on RedHat Linux 64-bit. Had I been stuck in the 10.2 world I was going to request Enterprise db, client networking, 4GL dev, WSA, App Server, and OE Architect (now Studio) and use Tomcat to solve this.

With 11.5 my understanding PAS comes with the App Server thus I wouldn't need to install Tomcat. Is this correct? Is WSA a separate component or is it built in? I realize I didn't provide allot of detail about the project but am I missing anything key with regards to the components list? I don't won't to go back to the well so to speak. Any "gotcha's" to be aware of?

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Not exactly. The AppServer products you knew from 10.2B, now sometimes unofficially referred to as "Classic AppServer", continue on. PASOE brings new products to the mix:
  • Progress Pacific Development Application Server for OpenEdge (which is free!)
  • Progress Pacific Production Application Server for OpenEdge
PASOE is Tomcat-based, so I'm pretty sure it bundles in Tomcat as part of the installation (caveat: I haven't used it yet). WSA is typically a separate download but not a product you buy. That hasn't changed as far as I know.

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Yes Tomcat is bundled but I believe it is a heavily customised Tomcat distro (from listening to Dave Cleary's presentation at the PUG last year).
Speaking of the PUG, Rod, any chance you can swing a trip to Copenhagen in November? EMEA PUG Challenge 2015| Home It justifies itself IMO! :)
Thanks for the advice, I'll do a little more research to better understand based on this. EMEA PUG? I'll look into it. They really don't see the value in sending us to these things here:(

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No my place of business didn't either so I wrote a business proposal and sent it to the board. It got accepted.


Right, so the Pacific AppServer OpenEdge (PASOE) is a new version of the AppServer idea for OpenEdge (I believe we still have the idea of the PAS platform for some of the other products like RollBase) and is based on a Tomcat platform.
On the WSA question, in regards to PASOE, it is built in. In fact all traffic to and from the PASOE is done via HTTP/S. So from an ABL client, all the traffic is via an AIA style interface. REST adapter is built in as an Interface and so is the WSA style SOAP Interface.

There have been workshops at recent PUG events and they are great way to get your hands onto the product and give it a go. If you are unable to attend one, perhaps ask your local Progress contacts if they are able to get you the PDFs of the work. Also a quick search on the Americas PUG page I found a talk on the migration process which walks through the basics:

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My employer too does not see any benefit in sending Progress developers to any Progress related event. Nevertheless, last year, I decided to take matters in my own hands and I did attend taking compensatory time off and covering all the costs myself. What can I say? For me it was totally worth the investment being in Düsseldorf and meeting the gurus. Therefore I decided to attend this year in Copenhagen too - again covering everything myself.

Of course there was a benefit for my employer because I was able to successfully apply some things I saw / heard in Düsseldorf. But the greatest benefit for me was to meet so many different people of the Progress community and share experiences. Plus, having a conversation with the guru of gurus himself in person is always something special.

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Thanks to everyone the information and related links have filled in the gaps. One last question that I can't seem to locate. It is with regards to WebSpeed. Is that still a separate product in the 11 world? Specifically it looks like I should be able to deploy in Studio on Windows and deploy to Linux. Is this correct. Thanks again in advance.

Rob Fitzpatrick Sponsor
Specifically it looks like I should be able to deploy in Studio on Windows and deploy to Linux.
I'm not sure what you mean by "deploy in Studio". If you're referring to Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge (aka PDSOE, formerly OE Architect), it is a development product, not a deployment product.

Originally (v9 era, maybe before) there was a separate licensed product called WebSpeed, with its own version numbers (e.g. 3.0, 3.1). While WebSpeed functionality still exists and is supported, there is no deployment product on the product list that is named as such. The deployment product required for a WebSpeed application is the OpenEdge AppServer, either Enteprise or Basic depending on your needs. There is also a separate development product called WebSpeed Workshop, which is Windows-only. It includes the web include books etc. required for compiling WebSpeed code.

It may help to go through the AppServer documentation, under Developing WebSpeed Applications.
Rob, I think you answered my question (and sorry to mislead with the "deploy" term). I few years back I used to do quite a bit of webspeed development on windows and used workshop to compile only. I ran into an issue once where I needed to run the compiled code on Linux. As memory serves me (and that's a big if) I had to order workshop for Linux so I could compile on that platform. If I recall 4GL Dev wasn't enough. Maybe I'm confusing reality with memory.

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I have clients with WebSpeed apps on a mix of Windows and *nix, and we've never obtained a Linux WS Workshop license. I didn't know such a thing existed.

You need the code in the webutil library, e.g. e4gl-gen.r, to compile. My notes show that it is included with AppServer Enterprise; it might be in others. The full list of products and components is in the Getting Started: Installation and Configuration manual.


Not sure this really answers any of the questions asked on WebSpeed, but it is interesting to note that in 11.5.1 service pack, the messenger functionality was allowed with the Pacific AppServer and there is a fuller implementation coming in 11.6. More information is available in the following Progress Community post: