Syteline progress version 8.3C17

Has anyone ever gotten the where clause to work in a data administration extract from progress 8.3C17? No matter what I put in there, if i'm querying a Date parameter, text field, numeric field, I get the same error. this example just happens to use a date.


No, I've never been able to work around that issue either. I'm assuming its a bug in ver. 8.3C.
Anyways, you should be able to replicate the same data file extract with a few lines of Progress code.
Have you tried creating your own code to provide the output in the Procedure Editor?
I'm not that comfortable with progress or Syteline to try that. I am more of a C#, .Net person. If you can point me to any additional documentation, I'd be willing to try.

Cringer Moderator
Staff member
Isn't that screen expecting a Progress where clause?
WHERE inv-item.inv-date GE 07/01/18 AND inv-item.inv-date LE 07/21/18