Question SyteLine on v10/11/12 with Trilogy (SyteLine Configurator + SQL-92 Access)


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It is possible to work on modern versions of OpenEdge with paired software - SyteLine ERP + Syteline Configurator (Trilogy)?
SL 2g works fine on 11.7.4 but it is many Trilogy's DLL files with hardcoded queryes (not in resources)... SQL-92 doesn't support hyphens in field names (should be quoted).
As far as I know - many years ago SL ERP v6.10.xx on OE10 was launched by Mapics as last OE version of SyteLine instead v6.01.xx on v9.1e. Can anybody remember - was Trilogy software bundled with SL or not? And it was possible to work with Trilogy using SQL-92?

Thank you.


SL version 6 was not "bundled" with Trilogy (configurator). You could purchase the Configurator as an add-on to it (once upon a time).
Now the Configurator is part of Syteline in SL versions 9.x.
Is it possible to work with Trilogy using SQL-92? I do not have the answer to that question.