[Stackoverflow] [Progress OpenEdge ABL] Windows 10 virtual desktop not separating windows

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Windows 10 and its built-in virtual desktop show some application windows on all desktops rather than on the one where the program has been started.

It might be related to programs that open several windows per application. In my case it is Openedge Roundtable and an own application also using multiple window approach (written in Progress Openedge). I use it on a virtual machine.

Formally I used Sysinternal's desktops.exe. It worked good enough on Windows 7 but has too many limitations on Windows 10 (e.g. Start menu does not open, a click on search icon does not show the dialog, some icons in the task bar do not appear) but at least it keeps the application windows on one desktop.

I've also tried Dexpot as an alternative to desktops.exe but that has the same issues as the windows 10 one and, even worse, also fails for a program of mine written in .Net5 and WPF.

Any suggestions on either force Windows 10 to keep all windows of an application on the same desktop or to bypass desktops.exe limitations on Windows 10?

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