[Stackoverflow] [Progress OpenEdge ABL] Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge issues syntax error but the same code will not get any syntax error whe

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PDSOE version 4.5.2, OE 11.7.1 - 64-bit - Win 10 64

I have an Webspeed (.w) opened in my PSDOE. If I simply right click over this code and choose Check Syntax in the context menu (Ctrl+Shift+C) it will return me an error from an include file used by this .w regarding the get-cookie():

Syntax Check: ** Unable to understand after -- "GET-COOKIE". (247)

In my .w, I have all the necessary Webspeed include files - including proto.i that will have the forward get-cookie function signature and all that.

So far so good, I could have thought of Propath and all that, but two things make things more complicated now:

  1. If I choose to compile the code instead of checking syntax, it will compile just fine - which tells me that all my include files and propath are correctly configured and all set, a .r is produced

  2. If from PDSOE, with my code still opened, I go in Eclipse \ OpenEdge \ Tool \ Procedure Editor , it will open a Progress Editor with the same code in place right, and from this procedure editor, if I simply right click and check syntax, it will return no errors at all.

I downloaded OE 12.3 and tried the same thing, got the same behavior. I checked all the propath and it was right (code compiles) I tried restarting the AVM, no difference I tried a shared AVM, no difference

I am running out of ideas specially after I got the same issue on 12.3.

Would you happen to have any other idea or could thing of anything else that could explain the check syntax behavior in PDSOE?


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