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We started to test OE12.4 to migrate our systems from 11.7, but 12.4 licenses doesn't include 32-bit versions of PROWIN32 and AppBuilder anymore. Therefore, we're unable to update and develop new applications using MSCOMCTL Treeview OCX, as we did until now. This isn't a problem for future programs, but for migration it is. We're unable to run programs from PROWIN (x64) which uses MSCOMCTL Treeview OCX's, as well as all other programs who uses 32-bit DLL's. The programs compile like a charm, flawless, but doesn't execute.

I tried to register MSCOMCTL OCX throug CMD in c:\windows\system32 directory but, as expected, it didn't worked. For this DLL, as a discontinued resource, Microsoft doesn't provide a 64-bit compiled code.

I'm aware that exist a open project called PureAblTreeView, which works pretty good and doesn't rely on DLL's dependency, but this object was built on ADM2 and the majority of my old programs are ADM1. Therefore, I'm unable to use that solution without rewrite my programs, which can't be done at this time. I even tried to "rebuid" PureAblTreeView as a SmartV8Object, but it didn't worked. Too many differences to be solved and too little time to achieve a running solution.

Is there any workaround for this situation, besides rebuild the programs?

Thank you all in advance.

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