Question Sql Join _file And _field Search For Fieldname


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I'm using Epicor 9 with OpenEdge 10.1B drivers and SQuirrel SQL. I was attempting to locate what table contains a field called FailedBin. I wrote the following query but its seems to have some issues.

SELECT F."_Field-Name" AS "FieldName", T."_File-Name" AS "TableName"

FROM PUB."_Field" AS F, PUB."_File" AS T

WHERE F."_Field-Name" = 'FailedBin' AND T."_TBL-Type" = 'T' AND F."_File-recid" = RECID(T)

ORDER BY T."_File-Name",F."_Field-Name";

It doesn't like

T."_TBL-Type" = 'T'


T."_TBL-Type" = 'T' AND F."_File-recid" = RECID(T)

I got the idea from Progress KB - 4GL/ABL: What is the relationship between the _File and the _Field tables? but it’s not taking into account the query being written from an ODBC SQL environment


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In 11.6.3 there are also views that already combine this stuff. I am not sure when exactly they were introduced, but I can just:

select tbl from "sysprogress"."syscolumns" where col = 'acc_nr'