Question Scratchpad Selective Amnesia


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The scratchpad seems to lose my code most of the times I use it. The tabs are still there, they're just blank. I tend to avoid it anyways because the editor is a little clunky, but it is handy to just test a snippet here and there. Usually I'm careful about using it for anything more than that but yesterday I made the mistake of spending a little time on something in it and now it's gone On the flip side, there's a script that I was given to run something specific in one of our projects that has stayed in there for years without fail.

Does anyone know why this is? Or should I really just continue avoiding that feature? I'm on 11.6.3 but this was occurring in 11.5 as well.


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Cool, I didn't even know that the ABL scratchpad had tabs.

The lack of basic editor functionality like CTRL+F made me forget about the ABL scratchpad a long time ago.
I just checked, in 12.2.5 it is still dysfunctional.

Little scripts belong in source control as far as I'm concerned, anything that is on my drive only has no value whatsoever.

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It's superbly good for little snippets of code. I'm with Stefan - if it has meaning it goes into SCM. I use it in 12.2.6 without any issues like you mention. It's still dysfunctional as Stefan says but I never lose code.

I don't remember it being a problem in 11.6 either but that was a very long time ago.

If any of your .metadata folder is in your SCM then that can cause problems, or if your workspace is on a shared location (God forbid!)