Progress ProVision


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Today is the first day in a new project working in a new environment. I would really like to be able to mug up on what I am doing and so am looking for a book on Progress ProVision, WebSpeed etc. Has anyone seen anything?


"ProVision" is the 1990s era development environment associated with Progress 8 & 9.

The current release is OpenEdge 12. "OpenEdge" is the product name since version 10 back in 2003. "Progress" has been the company name since the 80s.

The current development environment is Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge (PDSOE).

Webspeed is a web oriented tool that was first rolled out in the 90s and is now retired. Webspeed has been replaced with "web handlers" and PASOE (Progress App Server for OpenEdge) in the transition to OE 12.

Your project is very likely making modifications to a commercially supplied package. There are thousands of possibilities but some of them are very well known (MFG/Pro, Epicor, SXE, Symix, etc...) It would be useful to know what the base package is. There is a good chance that people will recognize it and thus be better able to help you. (The name of the database is often a very good clue.)

Given the age of the tooling that you mention it is very likely that you do not have a support contract from either the vendor or Progress. On the other hand you very probably do have all of the source code.